The Financial World’s Blindness

Oh. I see there are some problems in the financial world. Wall Street Journal: Worst Crisis Since ’30s, With No End Yet in Sight. Forbes: A silent bank run.

In the midst of this, politicians and economists alike are paying lots of attention to Wall Street, and little to Houston, where a hurricane has crippled the 4th largest city in the country, the center of the petrochemical industry, the center of the aerospace industry, and home to both the nation’s leading medical center, and the port that leads the US in foreign tonnage.


2 thoughts on “The Financial World’s Blindness

  1. We are not hearing anything about the hurricane damage, etc. here except maybe a two minute clip about once a day. All the news is about the campaign and the economy.

  2. Seen a few reports remarking that there is no political posturing a la Katrina because there are relatively few votes to be gained by walking the beaches of Galveston. The interesting thing is that the very man who said there was a financial crises on the way over a year ago, Ron Paul, has made the time to visit. One could be cynical and point out that this is his district after all but I think your man has proven his integrity.

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