John Harvey Kellogg, MD

Another volume in the Review and Herald’s Adventist Pioneer Series is Richard W. Schwarz, John Harvey Kellogg: Pioneering Health Reformer. What neither the ABC nor the title page (bearing a copyright of 2006) tell you, however, is what series editor George Knight casually throws in at the end of his foreword: “it is a reprint of the edition published by Southern Publishing Association in 1970” (titled, John Harvey Kellogg, MD). Like that edition, and unlike every other volume in this series, it has no footnotes or bibliography. Knight says, “Readers who are interested [in the documentation] will need to go to his unpublished University of Michigan Ph.D. dissertation, entitled ‘John Harvey Kellogg: American Health Reformer.'” I happen to have access to some academic databases and so was able to download that dissertation easily–and I think it would have been better (and made for a more consistent series) had Knight chosen to publish that dissertation, with its documentation, rather than the popularized 1970 biography.