Power’s Back!

We went out for Chinese food last night, to get a break from the cans, and when we returned the power was back on. Three days without electricity was enough for me–but sadly, many will be without it for weeks to come.

Still no phone–and no TV station seems interested in talking to anyone from the phone company. Oh, but they can spend hours hanging around gas stations talking to people in line.

Some people are crazy and impatient: they don’t think they need to be bound by the rule that says you treat a broken stoplight like a four way stop.

Then there are those who don’t think they need to wait in line for gas, but can drive in through the exit and steal a place.

FEMA continues to be incompetent–PODs (Points of Distribution) not getting resupplied overnight; FEMA ice trucks not getting in (though local grocery stores have no problem taking up the slack); and the volunteers at those PODs stopping distribution two hours ahead of schedule when there are still people in line.