2 thoughts on ““Patriotism Still Matters”

  1. hmmm
    i read the article
    and i had to stop, i guess for mii patriotism is not something that you went thru 30 years ago before i was born.

    patriotism is everyday and the decisions you make and McCain picking Palin as a potential president of the US is scary and doesn’t seem patriotic.

    so yeah
    can people STOP throwing Vietnam and his service in our faces

  2. I think events 30+ years ago might indeed be irrelevant for someone my age (like Barack Obama)–when John McCain was captured in 1967 we were pushing 6 years old. I think McCain’s experiences in the service of his country are very relevant. The crises we face reveal our character. When he was in a horrific situation, subject to torture and told it would let up if he just compromised a little, if he just made some pragmatic choices, he stood firm. He stood by his principles, by his country, and, most importantly, by the other men suffering with him. How many 30 year olds do you know who would do that? Character counts–and it never goes out of style.

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