“The Irresponsible Media”

My near neighbor (OK, 20 miles away) Alan comments on the stupidity of commentators on CNN.

This afternoon, I saw some goon on CNN exhorting all of the 5-6 million residents in the Houston metro area to evacuate. “If my family were in Houston, I’d get them out now!” he said, in a panicked tone. This is the type of over media hype we don’t need. The local government is carrying out a measured plan of evacuation to ensure that those who are most vulnerable are able to leave in as orderly a fashion as possible. Residents need to heed what their local government and county tells them to do, not some goon on CNN who thinks he knows the local situation.

Friends and family: if you want to know what’s happening hear, ignore the ignoramuses on CNN; read local media.

  • Houston Chronicle
  • ABC 13
  • KTRH radio
  • KHOU TV Friday 1:12 p.m. I’ve deleted this one after hearing some reporters and anchors rambling on inanely about “storm surge” causing the water on the ground now. If their reporters are that ignorant, the station would be better off showing soap operas.

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