No Rain Yet … But Galveston Is Under Water

Local TV is showing that much of Galveston is under water even though no rain has yet fallen. No, it’s not the storm surge–that only comes when the hurricane hits. This is just from the swells ahead of the storm.

Other footage shows that water is at the top of the seawall, designed by Army engineer BG H. M. Roberts (best known for his book, Robert’s Rules of Order)–and waves are shooting 20 feet into the air when they hit it. And this is 18 hours before the storm hits.

You know it’s going to be bad when even the cockroaches are leaving in droves.

One thought on “No Rain Yet … But Galveston Is Under Water

  1. Hope the cockroaches in your home get the memo, but more seriously wish all are spared life and limb and your house is spared damage.

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