The Olympics

The thrill of victory … Phelps and Bolt.

The agony of defeat … the face on that poor Hungarian weight lifter who horrifically dislocated his elbow.

The idiocy of incompetence … Kayaker Jeff Smoke (and many other athletes) didn’t get to the Olympics because the folks at the USA Canoe/Kayak Federation misunderstood the rules. Jeff writes:

August 2, 2008

Amateur hour at USA Canoe/Kayak

I won’t be going to Beijing for the Games. Despite our team winning two events at the Continental Qualifier—we still didn’t earn any spots for our team. I know it is hard to fathom that the USA Canoe/Kayak Federation misunderstood the international selection rules and entered athletes in events that prevented some of us from earning our team any spots. We train our whole lives for this chance and the National Governing Body’s only real reason for existence is to get this right every four years. It’s an incomprehensible mistake of severe consequences; and one that has contributed to the fact that we only have one men’s kayak athlete going to the Olympics—down from five men in 2004. Nevertheless I wish Carrie and coach Zur the best of luck at the Games. Next week I will be headed to Key West and then it is off to Maui for some fun and adventures with a few of my former teammates before I start getting back into the business world after Labor day.

NBC’s coverage is better this year … this morning we’ve seen equestrian events, cycling, fencing, and some others that don’t make prime time.