This channel is not available in your country

Internet censorship is more widespread than you think; companies from YouTube to TV networks readily agree to it. Example? Try looking at any other country’s Olympic coverage on your computer.

9 thoughts on “This channel is not available in your country

  1. It’s saying you can only get information filtered through particular sources. And having lived in places where I could watch another country’s Olympic coverage, other places (e.g. Canada) do it a lot better than People Magazine TV … er, I mean, NBC.

  2. “Hmmm, and the world wide web was supposed to level the information playing field …”

    Yeah, just like cable TV was supposed to give us more choices.

  3. Yes, it’s all over the Houston Chronicle:

    The bus company was illegal and the retreaded tire was illegal. There are plenty of reputable charter companies in a city like Houston. Why go with some fly by night operation? Cost? Hmmmm….

  4. I’ve been trying to find news sources from other countries to and have failed. I’ve been told and haven’t been able to reproduce the claims that American’s are being kept from the real news that other nations are receiving. Which for example are covering stories about the collapse of the US dollar? Heard anything in this direction?

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