Bacchiocchi on the Attraction of Catholicism

Prof. Samuele Bacchiocchi comments on speculation that George Bush may convert to Catholicism. Along the way he makes this excellent point:

Unintentionally, perhaps, liberal Protestantism has contributed to enhance the authority of the Pope by eroding confidence in the authority of the Bible. One might say that to the extent that Protestantism weakens the authority of the Bible for defining Christian beliefs and practices, to that same extent it strengthens the authority of the Pope.

The reason is simple. Most Christians resent tyranny but welcome the voice of authority, certainty and assurance. They want to hear from their church leaders, “This is the way, walk you in it!” When they fail to hear this voice of authority from the Scripture as proclaimed by their pastors, they become attracted to the Pope who claims to offer the infallible interpretation of Scripture. This climate offers to the Pope an unprecedented opportunity to fill the void of moral and religious relativism created by liberal Protestant churches by presenting himself as the voice of certainty.

2 thoughts on “Bacchiocchi on the Attraction of Catholicism

  1. Well his bestest friend in the world, Phony Blair ‘poped’ but then again there was speculation about him for years and it helps if your spouse and children are Catholic. Personally I wouldn’t consider it a great triumph for the Catholic Church. I am willing to bet that the same people you witnessed crying over the election of Ratzinger would be disconsolate. If Bush crossed the Tiber they might be lost forever to the Episcopalians, suddenly the thought of Bush the Catholic is not all that bad …

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