Why Sunday Schools Have Declined

At Naked Religion, consideration of the reason for decline in adult Christian education:

What are some of the contributing factors you ask? Well the most obvious is the increasing busyness of our culture that has unfortunately transgressed even to Sunday mornings. While I’m not arguing for a return to the ‘blue laws’ in the middle of the last century, but I do occasionally wistfully wonder what it must have been like to be the only game in town on Sundays. A second contributing factor to this perfect storm leading to the demise of Adult Christian Education is the increasing level of educational attainment in Evangelical Churches. This is actually counter-intuitive, but when you think about it, the higher ones education, the less one believes they need to sit and listen to some un-trained, and often boring teacher talk about something that is at best distant from their own experience. The third factor contributing to the demise of Adult Sunday School is the result of a fundamental misunderstanding about the relationship between being a follower of Jesus and discipleship. To put it another way, few adult Christians that I know recognize the necessity to place themselves in a learning posture if they want to follow Jesus. The notion of conversion without formation results in a church that is bereft of spiritual depth.