Channeling the Dead

Dottie Zimmerman (HT: Diogenes) is a 63-year-old 8th grade religion teacher at St. Patrick of Heatherdowns Catholic School in Toledo. Oh, and she says St. Pio of Pietrelcina (aka Padre Pio) speaks to her every day. She’s also taken to doing public “channeling” of him. Her 16-year-old daughter talks to angels, and told her mom that St. Michael was urging her to do this.

How did it start? Her brother, an ex-Jesuit who is a psychologist, encouraged her to do “dream therapy.” In her dreams, she said Merlin spoke to her. Her brother told her to start talking to him while awake–ask questions of what he meant. After a while, he said to her, “You know, I am not Merlin. I am Padre Pio.” Then her brother said, “You know, I think you could let him speak through you. I think that’s where maybe we are going on this.”

The first time she attempted to channel, Mr. Uhl began by performing a ceremony with incense and chanting, Mrs. Zimmerman said.

“He was blessing and incensing the west and the east and all that and I hear this voice say, ‘Tell him just to get on with it! We don’t need all this ceremony! And so I started laughing and Jim said, ‘What’s so funny?’ … and I said, Padre Pio said, ‘Let’s just get on with it.'”

Mrs. Zimmerman said she channels other spirits besides Padre Pio.

Every Saturday, for example, she channels her mother, who died two years ago, by typing out a letter to her surviving father, which she has collected in a looseleaf binder. “He really looks forward to it because he misses her so dreadfully,” she said.

She also channels her late husband, John, who “crossed over” 16 years ago.

“Padre Pio” also assured her that everyone on 9-11, victim and terrorist alike, all went to heaven immediately.

Regarding the Sept. 11, 2001, tragedy, Mrs. Zimmerman said while channeling that everyone who “transitioned” that day went immediately “home,” or into heaven, “including those who perpetrated this particular incident. They didn’t have their 21 virgins in their party but they were celebrated for three days in partying and love and acceptance because they did what they thought they were supposed to do.”

A sidebar notes that the practice is “controversial” among Christians. Some Christians say it’s simply wrong to try to communicate with the dead. A Catholic diocesan official notes that Catholics will take each case on an individual basis.

But what does the Bible say about this topic? Can we speak to the dead? Are they able to communicate with us? For Bible answers to this question, go here.

3 thoughts on “Channeling the Dead

  1. Really this is a tertiary issue compared to many others that haved ripped apart Our Lord’s Body.

    I am more impressed with the logical consistency of your position that with the Protestant one. Certainly as souls are alive in Heaven it would not make sense that God would disallow them being aware of our sufferings and not listen to their prayers to Him concerning those still on Earth.

    I am curious how you square the idea of soul sleep (or whatever related term you would prefer) with the Our Lord’s transfiguration. Moses and Elijah apear with him. Did they die or are you assuming that they were taken bodily as an exception to the general rule. Certainly Moses died if you read the scripture in it’s plain sense.

    I would be curious to learn how you see this. I expect you have an answer and this is not meant to be a “gottcha”.

    I am enjoying your blog and we will know (as we are known) the Truth together one day.

    In Him alone,

  2. Hi,

    I don’t take it as a “gotcha.” 🙂

    Elijah was taken to heaven alive, in a fiery chariot (2 Kings 2:11). Moses was assumed bodily after his death (an intertestamental tradition given Biblical authority by Jude 1:9). In both cases, they have bodies, and are not disembodied souls.

  3. Thank you for the response. It certainly is both reasonable and consistent with Holy Scripture. Certainly The Church teaches that Moses and Elijah (along with Our Lord, Mary and possibly Enoch) went bodily into Heaven as a foretaste of the resurection which we await in hope.
    This, of course, explains Fatima. (kidding you a bit)

    Again, may He bless you.

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