Our Police State

In Colorado, a dozen SWAT officers knocked down a door, threw a family to the floor at gunpoint, and seized an 11 year old child. Why? He had fallen down; a paramedic thought he should go to a doctor–the dad, a military medic in Vietnam, didn’t think so. The paramedics got heated. Dad was firm.…

Lutheranism on the Papacy

Pr. Paul McCain, Publisher of Concordia Publishing House, the official publisher of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod, reminds us of Lutheran teaching on the papacy, and why confessional Lutherans still hold to it.

Unique Names

Wilifred Cork (my mom) speaks about her name at iReport.com. For me, her name is a connection with my grandfathers … I’m William, she’s Wilifred, her dad was Frederick William, his dad was also Frederick William, and his father was William.

“Celtic” Spirituality

If you want to know about genuine Celtic Spirituality, check out the volume with that title in the Paulist Classics of Western Spirituality series, edited by Oliver Davies. It includes writings by and about Patrick and Brigit, Brendan’s Voyage, the Rule of Columbanus, various Irish and Welsh poems, selections from the Stowe Missal, various homilies,…