The Pope in Houston?

Rocco suggests that the next papal World Youth Day may be in Houston in 2014. Via Alan. That would be interesting indeed … since during my tenure as Director of Young Adult and Campus Ministry for the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, neither archbishop considered the event worthy of much of a fuss. We went through several:…

A School with a Difference

GetReligion picks up a New York Times story about Berea College in Kentucky. It charges no tuition. It has mandatory work study. It accepts academically promising students with limited resources. Students graduate with no debt. And GetReligion notes that NYT overlooked something important–Berea is Christian. [NYT author Tamar] Lewin’s failure to mention Berea’s Christian character…


Young adults tend to get them at 19, and within ten to fifteen years some (especially women) find reasons to want them removed.

Cardinal Newman’s “Particular Friendship”

Catholic priests and religious of a past era were warned against “particular friendships” with members of the same sex–it could be a cause of both personal danger and of scandal. It seems John Henry Newman, the celebrated convert to Catholicism and Cardinal, had one of those. It was truly strange–Newman insisted he be buried together…

A Catholic Blogger’s about Face

Catholic blogger Gerald Naus has radically changed course–he’s gone from a die-hard supporter of Ratzinger and Catholic orthodoxy (former blog title, “The Cafeteria Is Closed“) to advocating for legally recognized gay marriage.

Christian Change

Hugo (SDA2RC) comments on Marcel’s suggestion that SDA women follow the example of RC Womenpriests: My thoughts: execute a Jesus revolution (humble, loving, unitive, self-sacrificial, concerned with service), not a Marxist one (aggressive, rebellious, divisive, disparaging of all hierarchy, obsessed with the language of power). Amen.

Brideshead Twisted

Yahoo‘s description of the forthcoming remake of Brideshead Revisited: Adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s classic novel, focusing on the doomed love affair between Charles and Julia Flyte and how Catholicism destroys their relationship and their families. Via Mark Shea.