2 thoughts on “Academia and Religion

  1. This is a complicated issue with many facets. There are plenty of very loud voices that like to claim academia as a whole has it in for Christianity and wants nothing more than to eradicate it. And there are plenty of loud voices that like to claim that Christian groups have blatantly anti-intellectual agendas the end results of which are thought police and Nazi-style book burnings.

    I don’t think these loud voices reflect reality. But…

    The truth is that plenty of Evangelicals have bent over backwards to make themselves obnoxious to many academic fields. And on the other hand you have Richard Dawkins. The crucial difference is that the average evangelical on the street DOES believe in conspiracy theories involving practitioners of entire fields of study, whereas the average academic just doesn’t care.

    There’s so much more to the story.

  2. Their hostility/prejudice does not surprise me. Evangelicals generally teach (although a lot of them are getting confused) that one must be born again from above in order to be saved, that Jesus is the only way to God, that we are either headed to heaven or hell based on what we do with Jesus. The true gospel is repulsive to most unbelievers except for those who are on their way towards it. Jesus said the world hated him and will hate us also. Evangelicalism is a movement that transcends denominational lines. Thus I am a mainliner who is also an evangelical. I do not expect the world or even everyone in my church to be my support group. But neither am I to act hatefully towards unbelievers. I am to seek to love them into the kingdom that is not of this world.

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