Three Hours at the DPS

The son and I spent three hours at the DPS today so he could get his learner’s permit. Funny thing in Texas law–my daughter, 16, can have the drivers’ school administer the written exam and file all the paperwork for her; since he turned 19 right after graduation, he has to go to the DPS in person. And when it’s time to get the license, the drivers’ school can administer her the road test, but, again, he has to go to the DPS in person. But he will get his full driver’s license, while she gets just phase one of Texas’ graduated license.

Three hours, during which time I read a text on Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood.

One thought on “Three Hours at the DPS

  1. I will be going through this as well with my daughter. After resisting all previous attempts at driving schools, she has now decided she wants to learn from me or her dad. I’m not sure either one of us is up to teaching!

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