3 thoughts on “The Night the Lights Went out in Texas

  1. As I read your postings. My soul is encouraged by your focus on death penalty issues. Like yourself I believe the protection of life should go beyond birth. I like to call the death penalty post birth abortion. I am stunned that so many people of christ are so loud about abortion yet are indifferent to the total injustice and state murder that is capital punishment. I want my tax dollars spent on the culitivation of something positive, not war,abortion, and capital punishment. peace and blessings jacob deville

  2. Assuming all of the facts are correct in this article, this is absolutely astounding. I am adamantly against the death penalty anyway, but this is just over the top. To take someone’s life over a technicality (rejecting the appeal because it was not signed by the lead attorney) is an absolute travesty. Is human life that insignificant a thing to just be so flippant about it?

    I can tell you one thing: this would be a large reason why I would never live in Texas (then again, we have our own problems here in New England, of course!).

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