Arrested for Cheering Their Kids at Graduation

In Rock Hill, SC, six people were arrested for shouting out their children’s names when they received their diplomas at a high school graduation–clapped in irons and hauled out of the ceremony by cops. You think they’d do the same thing at a football game?

The story is reported by Fox News which adds,

Last year in Galesburg, Illinois, five students were denied diplomas from the city’s lone public high school after enthusiastic friends or family members cheered for them during commencement. Students could get their diplomas after completing eight hours of public service for the school district.

Punishing a kid for something a friend does? Eventually the district relented, in the face of a lawsuit.

2 thoughts on “Arrested for Cheering Their Kids at Graduation

  1. Kind of ridiculous, but I do hate the noise at some of these graduations. I went to the AUC graduation a month ago, and someone brought in a fog horn. Every time one of their friend’s names was called, they would blast that thing. I seriously think the people around them suffered hearing damage.

    It was totally outrageous!

  2. “Celebrate, celebrate dance to the music.” Fog horn is better then live round of 38’s.

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