2 thoughts on “Joel Osteen’s New Message

  1. Are pork & shellfish unclean and thus prohibited, or does God declare them unclean thus prohibiting them (as I read that I am not sure I am making my point clear so I refer to Plato’s dialogue with Euthyphro). isn’t the New Testament at best ambiguous about unclean animals? Finally in this day and age isn’t it our modern intensive farming methods that are of greater concern? Beef is perfectly clean but growth hormones, BSE and hoof & mouth disease concern me more.

  2. I think you are asking whether they are unclean in them selves, and God recognizes that, or whether they are unclean simply because God says they are, separating them from other animals. Is there a health reason for their prohibition, or is it merely a ritual declaration? Adventists, like Osteen, have suggested that God knew what he was doing. That our concern is for health, not for what is ritually unclean. And, yes, I think you’re right. There are plenty of things that are “clean” according to Leviticus that are very questionable today, including the beef you mention, mercury contents in fish, salmonella in chickens. That’s why Adventists have argued, if you are going to eat meat, limit yourself to those that are Biblically sanctioned, but it is best to follow the diet of man before the flood.

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