Will Bush Attack Iran?

Margaret O’Brien Steinfels at Commonweal links to articles on Bush’s saber-rattling in Iran. Who within the administration is pushing for war? She names Elliot Abrams. Remember him? He helped give us Reagan’s illegal wars in Central America. He defended death squads and dismissed atrocities. When Congress would no longer fund these misguided adventures, he conspired to obtain illegal funding; though now wanting us to go to war with Iran, then he was trading weapons to it in exchange for hostages. He pleaded guilty to withholding information from Congress–but was pardoned by George H. W. Bush.

Interesting footnote: the only person who spent anytime in prison as a result of the Iran-Contra affair was Bill Breedan. He wasn’t involved in any of the above illegal acts. No, he was a former minister in John Poindexter’s hometown of Odon, IN, who went to prison for stealing a sign labeling “John Poindexter Street,” in protest of Poindexter’s crimes.

2 thoughts on “Will Bush Attack Iran?

  1. Bill Breeden never went to prison for stealing a sign. Not even Howard Zinn would try to make that claim, Bill.

    He did a few days in the local jail. That’s awfully excessive, but that’s Indiana justice for you.

    And it’s still not prison.

  2. Jail, prison, same difference. Semantics. Same bars. Same jumpsuit. Same thugs in the neighboring cell. Same thugs running it.

    Point is, the criminals walked.

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