Young Adult Ministry

Catholic News Service has an article about John Cusick of the Archdiocese of Chicago, one of the old-timers in Catholic young adult ministry. He asks some questions that could be asked in any denomination.

“An Evangelical Manifesto”

Yesterday a group of evangelical leaders issued An Evangelical Manifesto: A Declaration of Evangelical Identity and Public Commitment. That link will take you to the “executive summary” (they don’t say which “executives” they intend it for). They say they don’t want to privatize faith, but neither do they wish to politicize it. They don’t want…

Easy Come, Easy Go

My economic stimulus check is supposed to be deposited tomorrow [and it was, as promised] … and it will go to pay for AC repairs next week. Sigh. My home warranty is paying for a new evaporator coil, but I have to pay for some related upgrades and a new lineset.

Fr. Rutler on Vegetarianism Redivivus

Rod Dreher (an Orthodox Christian evidently happy to be past Lent) trots out an old (2003) diatribe by Fr. George Rutler against vegetarianism. Rutler’s piece was humorous and satirical, but factually wrong. He said, for instance, “Man was made to eat flesh (Genesis 1: 26-31; 9: 1-6).” That, of course, is false. I responded here, …


I finally got a chance to get inside Houston’s new Catholic cathedral today–technically, the “Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart.” The building turned out nicely. A pastor friend and I got a personal tour by an old friend, and I saw some other old friends while we were there. Hard to believe that it has been…