2 thoughts on “Two Takes on Tom Wright

  1. Wow. The snide comments about Bishop Wright being a fundamentalist are an eye-opener to me. Based upon what I have read, he is nothing close to being what is normally thought of in religious circles as a fundamentalist. It is disturbing that anyone who honestly believes in what the Nicene Creed says about Jesus Christ is labeled a fundamentalist. I guess I wrongly assumed that the secular world could figure out the difference between the traditional Christian orthodoxy displayed by Bishop Wright and the fundamentalism displayed by Falwell, Robertson, etc.

  2. In a British context +Wright is seen as a fundamentalist.
    In a country where less than 7% of people go to church, to believe in a literal resurrection is fundamentalist.
    In a country where laws outlaw discrimination on the basis of your sexuality, to be behind the Windsor Report is fundamentalist.

    So if “evangelicals” (British usage!) like +Wright are called fundamentalists, you can begin to understand why popular culture in the UK looks upon “American Christianity” and its “fundamentalists” with such contempt!

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