A bunch of Adventists went to see Expelled tonight; in front of us, some folks I knew from Catholic young adult ministry–Tito and Andre. There was good attendance at the showing, and it was a young crowd, very friendly to the film makers, as attested by the applause at the end.

Ben Stein has a Michael Moore approach to film. This is not a straight documentary, but has quite a bit of satire and sarcasm mixed in. I thought the pacing a bit slow and some of the humor flat (a bit with a back scratcher, for instance). Despite that, I liked the movie. Best parts were conversations with Richard Dawkins and other scientists that showed their real hatred of religion, and drawing the connections from Darwinism through eugenics (including Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood) to Naziism.

Expelled Exposed pokes holes in some of the case studies of scientists “expelled”–while at the same time illustrating Stein’s point of the hostility of the scientific establishment to Intelligent Design.

The Discovery Institute, on the other hand, has several articles on the ugly legacy of Darwinian theory.

Some worthwhile points made at Jesus Manifesto–this could have been, and should have been, better.