“Everything must change.”–Brian McLaren “Nothing must change.”–John MacArthur “To live is to change.”–John Henry Newman “Change is impossible.”–Parmenides

Above the Law

Tompaul has a post on the Bush administration’s repeated claim to be above the law. Mark Shea rolls his eyes at those who now think we should be proud of torture.

Pomp and Circumstance in Houston

Today was the dedication of the new Catholic cathedral in Houston. I watched the ceremony on TV, and saw lots of my former co-workers, employees, bosses, and young adults. I was as frustrated as ever by the narration of Cardinal John Foley–he walked all over the liturgy just as he does with the Vatican broadcasts.…

“A Common Morality for the Global Age”

Report of a symposium at Catholic University of America. The gathering was the result of a request to Catholic University from Pope Benedict XVI in October 2004, before he became pope. It drew thinkers from several religious traditions and experts in philosophy, theology, ethics, politics and religion from several nations. In requesting the symposium the…