Religious Liberty in the Schools

A Wisconsin student was penalized for referencing John 3:16 in an art project–he was given a zero and two detentions. He was also penalized for using religious expressions in a jewelry making class. Other students who drew demonic representations were not punished. A faculty member with Buddhist and Hindu symbols in his classrooms was not punished.

A California student was penalized for wearing a t-shirt that said, “I will not accept what God has condemned” and “Homosexuality is shameful. Romans 1:27.” It was the “National Day of Silence,” and other students wore t-shirts promoting homosexuality. He was held in the office, “counseled” by school personnel, and questioned and photographed by a deputy sheriff. He was told by one school official to “leave his faith in the car” lest it offend others. The 9th Circuit Court had sided with the school, but the Supreme Court overturned their decision and sent it back.

The Alliance Defense Fund is representing both students.

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