Sounds of My Youth

I’m listening tonight to some music I first fell in love with while in high school–Lamb. It was one of the first “Messianic Jewish” recording groups. Now, I don’t want to spark a debate about that particular movement. I just love their music.

While listening to it, my mind wandered to those days of long ago, laying on the floor in my room listening to my records or the radio. I also thought about an old program that aired late at night–“Nightsounds,” with Bill Pearce. I did a little search and discovered it is still on. Better still, I managed to tune in to the last ten minutes of tonight’s program.

Then I thought of an old friend, Brad McIntyre, with whom I was recently back in touch. I stumbled on to his daughter’s MySpace page, where she can be heard singing some of his old songs with him.

Those were the days of Dallas Holm, Don Francisco, Evie Tornquist, the Imperials, Honeytree, 2nd Chapter of Acts, Barry McGuire, Bill Gaither, and a long-haired John Michael Talbot.

I became friends with Steve Varro back then. He was a young magician, working at a Christian bookstore to make ends meet (the place I bought many of the above albums). We were both members of the Rockford, IL, Seventh-day Adventist Church (he was probably ten years older). A few years later I was at Atlantic Union College and he came through town; we literally bumped into each other in the dorm lobby. He invited me to go to the Le Grand David magic show with him, and suggested I invite a friend. That was my first date with Joy. A few years later we were in Loma Linda, where he was also living, running the AV department.

Well, that’s enough reminiscing for now ….

3 thoughts on “Sounds of My Youth

  1. I can’t believe the date and time of your post! I was just thinking of Brad and thought I’d try one more time to track down something on the net. A favorite of mine was “More of Thee.” Do you know if he ever released anything on CD?

    Incidentally, I also enjoyed “Nightsounds” and spent a few years living a bit north of Rockford in Janesville.

    Graduated from Southern Missionary College, er Southern College, er SAU.

    Nice to meet across the net.

  2. Omigosh! Bill, you must have been sending out some very strong vibes! Like Kevin, yesterday evening I was in a nostalgic mood. Without seeing this posting from you, I actually went onto the Lamb website last night hoping to bring up some snippets from their very first album (which I wasn’t able to do). Their first record was probably among the first five records I ever owned.

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