Sounds of My Youth

I’m listening tonight to some music I first fell in love with while in high school–Lamb. It was one of the first “Messianic Jewish” recording groups. Now, I don’t want to spark a debate about that particular movement. I just love their music. While listening to it, my mind wandered to those days of long…

Echoes of the Past

Scientists have deciphered a “phonautogram” made in 1860. It was intended to make a picture of soundwaves, in the hopes that sometime in the future people might be able to decipher it. What emerges is a scratchy, but recognizable, rendition of a woman singing, “Au Claire de la Lune.”

One Way Dialogue

Pope Benedict XVI will be having an interfaith meeting at the John Paul II Cultural Center in DC, but don’t expect any dialogue. This won’t be an opportunity for him to hear from Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and others about religion in America, or their relations with Catholics. Nope. Only one person will be talking, as…

“Jewish Multiple Personality Disorder”

Rabbi Avi Shafran at Cross Currents on Jews’ attitudes toward other Jews, especially the anger sometimes directed at the Orthodox for daring to stand out in their dress and their Sabbath observance. Yet these same Jews can be very tolerant of others who do the same thing. What it brings to mind is the story…

Muslim Converts to Christianity–And Vice Versa

Mark Shea links to Sherry Waddell’s summary of arguments given by Muslim converts to Christianity. Here are some first hand accounts. Of course, people go the other way, too. Here are some testimonies of Christian women who became Muslim. Some other accounts.