Oh, it’s a great experience, C.P.E. is. Lots of seminarians of lots of denominations go through it. Some of us have good experiences. Mine, at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, was mostly good, because I had a very good supervisor. But others suffer through it. It seems at times and at some centers that the…


25,703 primates were imported into the US last year–98% of which were macaque monkeys imported for vivisection. 58% of primates imported into the US come from China, where this picture was taken.

California Court Reconsiders Homeschooling

The Second District Court of Appeal in Los Angeles has announced it will reconsider its decision that would have made it illegal for anyone without a teaching credential to homeschool their children. It has asked for amicus briefs from a variety of educational organizations. San Francisco Chronicle. California Catholic Daily.

The Jesuits

Back on February 20, George Weigel asked some questions of the new Jesuit general in his column for the Denver Catholic Register. Among them: What will Father Nicolas do about Jesuits who are manifestly not obedient to the Pope or to the teaching authority of the Church? Take, for example, the case of Father James…