An Afternoon at Congress

Roy Adams reports in the Adventist Review on a couple of Congressional hearings last month. He was there to hear James Standish and others testify on behalf of the Workplace Religious Freedom Act. He got there a little early, and managed to hear testimony before a different committee: Jamie Leigh Jones telling of her experience…

Vigilante Spying

Julia Duin of the Washington Times reports on a freelance spying group that has been trying to infiltrate mosques. I’m more worried about the actions of these vigilantes than I am about the folks they are spying on.

Legalized Gambling

From the Dallas Morning News blog: As more states turn to casinos, lotteries and other forms of gambling to fill their coffers, religious opponents of legalized wagering say their words are increasingly falling on deaf ears, reports Greg Trotter of Religion News Service. Indeed, he says, “moral opposition to gambling might be gasping its last…

Magdi Allam as Mythic Hero

Rod Dreher sees Magdi Allam and thinks of Ronald Reagan, especially his approach to the Soviet Union. He cites “Spengler” in Asia Times. A self-described revolution in world affairs has begun in the heart of one man. He is the Italian journalist and author Magdi Cristiano Allam, whom Pope Benedict XVI baptized during the Easter…

Contemporary Worship

Do you think your church has “contemporary worship”? Are the songs your church sings controversial? Check this out.