The Pope, Bin Laden, and Magdi Allam

Osama Bin Laden’s latest message, delivered Thursday, included a warning to Pope Benedict XVI. In that context, how are we to interpret the Pope’s decision to personally baptize a “prominent Muslim journalist” at tonight’s Easter Vigil, other than as a cool, calculated declaration of defiance? Washington Post notes that the Vatican kept it a secret,…

“Easter Is a Special Time”

“Easter is a special time,” says a Christian publisher, but since it can’t be told without the cross, they decided not to include it in their preschool curriculum. They think it better not to tell kids about Easter until they’re older. Via Dom and The Corner at NRO.

Oscar Schmidt @ 93

He’s like a Timex watch–takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Oscar Schmidt is still volunteering four days a week at the Atlantic Union College library, many years after his retirement. I worked for him in the early ’80s — and my father-in-law worked for him in the ’50s. Rondi Aastrup also remembers.