Pie-Rates of the Carob Being … and Other Purim Tales

It is Purim (another article), and one of my rabbi friends was telling me about his costume tradition …

My costumes are always of a movie title. One year i came with a Barney the dinosaur sticking out of my sweater with a yarmulke on his head, with little dinosaurs pinned on my sweater,each with a yarmulke on them. my costume, of course, was JEWrassic Park.

Last year, my costume was of a big sign on my chest with a list of costs of pies.

cherry … $5
lemon merangue … $7
pumpkin … $10

then, on my head i had a sign that read, ” I am the Carob Being”

obviously, i came as Pie-Rates Of The Carob-Being.

This year, it will be simple, and a lot more obvious, i will be dressed with a big sign on my chest. You have seen the no smoking signs with the circle and a line through a cigarette? That kind of thing. So this will be a circle with a line through the word, JEW. Of course, i will be dressed as the movie Jew-No.