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  1. I for one am heading out of town (after Mass) on St. Patrick’s day. It makes me sick to see the the neo-pagan parades and drunkness with shades of green not found in nature.

    St. Patrick came to Ireland to preach the gospel, for him Christ’s return was immient and it was important for all to be prepared for His return. Patrick was a bishop. Most of what we ‘know’ about him was either invented many centuries later, i.e. shamrock and snakes. Many of the other stories are hagiographical and mix stories about him with stories about another 5th century bishop active in Ireland, Palladius. Palladius was probably more successful than Patrick and he certainly worked before Patrick. What makes Patrick different was he left writings, his Confessions and Letter excommunicating Coroticus.

  2. Interesting website but not without its ‘agenda’ re. Celtic Christianity. The Irish had their issues with Rome, the dating of Easter for example. However, the Irish Church was Roman, it was reforming itself along Roman lines, with it’s council of Rathbrassil in 1111. Later reforms were carried out in line with the First Lateran council, this council was the first major non-Oecuminical council, unless I am mistaken. Patrick and the Irish Celtic Church were not on the fringes they were at the center of Europe. The contribution of Sts Killian and Columbanus are good examples.

  3. I wasn’t paying attention to what else was on the page!

    Patrick’s Confession is also available at CCEL

    And here‘s the Letter to Coroticus from a Yale anti-slavery page..

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