Catholic Young Adults and Lent

New CARA study on Lenten observances among Catholics has some interesting findings about young adults.

Among Catholics who attend Mass at least once a month, those of the Millennial Generation (born 1982 or later) are the most likely to observe Lenten practices. More than nine in ten of these Catholics report that they abstain from meat on Fridays and receive ashes on Ash Wednesday. About three-quarters of these young adult Catholics also give up something during Lent. A similar percentage makes other positive efforts.

“These results suggest that there really is something exceptional about the youngest generation of Catholics who are active in their faith,” said Mark M. Gray, Director of CARA Catholic Polls (CCP). “In terms of Lenten practices, young adult Catholics who are attending Mass at least once a month are more likely to observe the Church’s obligations and traditions—more so than their parents and grandparents.”