Jan Paulsen Reaffirms Adventist Noncombatant Position

Jan Paulsen, President of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, has reaffirmed the church’s historic noncombatant position. Via Tim. Clear Thinking about Military Service. The historic position of our church regarding service in the armed forces was clearly expressed some 150 years ago—very early on in our history, against the background of the American Civil…

Republicans Endorse Torture

Republicans in the House voted to uphold Bush’s veto of a bill that would have prohibited the CIA from torturing prisoners. Meanwhile, the US has refused to allow a UN torture inspector to visit American-run jails in Iraq. Ed Koch says the Democratic party must now make this a campaign issue. Nancy Pelosi has outlined…

Digital TV Conversion

Less than a year from now all TV broadcasts in the US will switch to digital; if you have an older TV, and don’t have cable or satellite, you’ll need to get a digitial converter or on switchover day you’ll get nothing but snow. But the government is funding its mandate, and is providing $40…

The American Bible Society Saves the Day

What would we do without the American Bible Society? From Joseph Bottum at First Things: A press release just arrived from the American Bible Society. I don’t see it on their website, so I thought I’d pass along the news, just in case you missed it. “Easter is a moveable feast, so to speak, because…

Lincoln and the Will of God

From First Things: Andrew Ferguson, Lincoln and the Will of God. Explores the ways in which many have claimed Lincoln as a sharer in their particular faith, and the evidence of what Lincoln’s views really were.

The Secular City

Chuck Colson on the “Quiet Revolution” that transformed Quebec into a secular society–and what the consequences have been.

Mormon Missionaries at a Catholic Shrine

Two Mormon missionaries decided to have some fun (as they imagined) at a Catholic shrine, and posted the pictures of it on the internet. They’ve now been disciplined by the LDS Church, and the Catholic church is pressing charges. Article. Video.

Journalists and Religion

It seems those secular journalists have displayed their ignorance and botched a religion story. Again. Luther isn’t among the topics to be discussed by Benedict’s former students. And the Vatican has not issued a list of seven new deadly sins. Amy has the details.