A Religion of the Body

Rod Dreher continues his reflection on Orthodox Lent. The discomfort from doing without food reminds me that Orthodoxy is not a disembodied religion — that is, a religion only of the head. Orthodoxy teaches that we are to redeem soul and body, and that fasting is an important part of that.

Loyalty Oaths in Education

Did you know California teachers are required to sign a loyalty oath to the state and the US? And a Quaker math teacher was fired for adding a “nonviolent” clause in her own handwriting to it? Modifying the oath “is very clearly not permissible,” the university’s attorney, Eunice Chan, said, citing various laws. “It’s an…

Thoughts on Opus Dei

A Milwaukee TV station has a profile of Opus Dei, and finds it to be nothing like the way it was portrayed by Dan Brown in The DaVinci Code. I found Opus Dei to be a great help to my spiritual life in my time as a Catholic. I had an Opus Dei spiritual director,…

New Sins?

Vatican Lists New Sins, says Reuters. They’re reporting on a March 9 interview in L’Osservatore Romano on “New Forms of Social Sin.” Update: Would you believe that Reuters (and other secular news media) got it wrong?

PNPop on Blogging

Fr. Philip Powell on blogging: HancAquam [is] a highly eccentric, deeply personal, fundamentally subjective spot on the Blogsphere for one big-mouthed Dominican friar and Catholic priest to speak his mind when he damned-well feels like it! I understand blogging to be something like an internet version of the SoapBox found in Hyde Park, London–a spot…