Happy Independence Day!

It’s Independence Day! Bring out your red white and blue, your 10 gallon hat, your spurs and some Bluebell ice cream!

It’s Independence Day–March 2, the commemoration of the day in 1836 when some brave patriots gathered in an incomplete “Independence Hall” in the city of Washington-on-the Brazos to declare that Texas was an independent nation.

You can read the Texas Declaration of Independence here. It’s a shame too many people in this politically correct era have forgotten the lessons of Texas independence, have forgotten the tyranny of Mexico, have forgotten the price that was paid at the Alamo (Feb. 23-Mar. 6, 1836) and Goliad (Mar. 27, 1836). The war begun by Santa Anna’s murderous invasion would end with his humiliation at San Jacinto on April 21.

Remember Goliad. Remember the Alamo. Remember Texas independence. We plan to do so by taking a drive up to Washingon-on-the-Brazos for the festivities. Y’all come, too.

Update: We did head up to Washington-on-the-Brazos, as planned, for the festivities. Then, tonight, we watched “The Alamo” (the 2004 version which places that battle in the context of the struggle for Texas independence).