It’s Rodeo Time in Houston

It’s Go Texan Day in Houston, the day we celebrate the opening of Rodeo. The barbecue contest started last night; trail rides are converging today on Memorial Park from throughout the region; the parade is tomorrow; gates open Monday.

I went to the barbecue contest once, invited by one particular organization to their tent; we got there early to get in line, but soon found ourselves being pushed backwards further and further as the few people in front of us invited all their cousins and friends to join them. All this food around us and my daughter was hungry and I couldn’t tell her when we might actually get something to eat.

The trail rides are picturesque, but they cause some fierce traffic jams. Horses and cars don’t mix in a city the size of Houston.

We’ve never made it to the parade.

We do try to get to the Rodeo at least once in its three weeks.

And we join in the spirit of Go Texan Day by donning our jeans and hats. Many employers in the area encourage their workers to join in the festivities today (including my former employer–though the Men in Black on the Fourth Floor never did).