Compact Flourescent Bulbs

Did you hear about the recommendations of what to do if a compact fluorescent bulb breaks? How much mercury can actually be in one of these things? Surely not as much as was in a thermometer–and who hasn’t broken one of those? Some friends and I were talking the other day, before this report, and we all recalled playing with mercury in science classes as kids.

Still, since my wife babysits, I may replace the two we have in the living room–not just because of the warnings, but because I’d like some lightbulbs that give off more light!

2 thoughts on “Compact Flourescent Bulbs

  1. Whatcha gonna do when the Federal Clean Energy Act of 2007 takes effect in January 2014, banning all incandescent bulbs in the U.S. between roughly 40W and 150W?

    I guess we all better get used to calling in the fumigator-exorcist whenever anybody shatters one of those deadly, mercury-toxic, curly-cue fluorescents.

  2. Candles? 🙂

    Hopefully by 2012, when they start the phase out, they will have 1) resolved the mercury problem and 2) found a way to make these stupid things give a brighter, more natural light.

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