Robert Sungenis and the Jews

Longtime readers of this blog will recall that soon after I started this blog in 2002 a matter arose to which I gave much attention. Catholic apologist Robert Sungenis had begun to write disturbing things about Jews; I saw that he quoted an “Adolf Schmalix” on FDR’s ancestry. This had an unpleasant odor about it, so I did some investigation. I was quite surprised to discover that Sungenis, in his haste to prepare an angry denunciation of a recent document from a US Catholic bishops’ committee, had cut and pasted whatever he could find on the internet against Jews. He didn’t attribute his sources–one of which I discovered to be a Nazi propaganda tract. You can read all the details here.

Sungenis lost a lot of credibility as a result of his anti-Jewish writings and his advocacy of geocentrism, among both his readers and his staff. At one point he said he would no longer write about Jewish issues.   He said he would submit to his local bishop.

But things have been unraveling. Not only has he continued to write about Jewish issues, but he has now taken to denouncing his bishop.

Michael Forrest, one of his former staff members, has continued to follow this, and now publishes a letter he got from the bishop of Harrisburg about Sungenis.

Via Mark Shea.

3 thoughts on “Robert Sungenis and the Jews

  1. Dear Bill,

    Regarding Sungenis, it seems to me you were quite correct to point out his bizarre views of Jews.

    But what about this fellow named Donald Kenner, and his hate-filled web site Catholic Friends of Israel? (the hatred directed primarily at Palestinians).
    It seems to me he is as prejudiced/hateful toward Palestinians as Sungenis is toward Jews.

    I personally find his posts routinely disgusting. The fact that he is actually employed at a Catholic grammar school strikes me as disgraceful.

    I would be curious as to your opinion of his web site. Obviously not your problem, Bill, since you are no longer associated with the Catholic Church. But it is my impression you are still widely read by Catholics. (sad to learn you have left, but our loss is the Adventists’ gain, I suppose).


  2. I glanced at it briefly–enough to see a bitter rant against the Catholic archbishop in the Holy Land, Latin Patriarch Michel Sabbah. How can a purportedly faithful Catholic who wants to support Christians in the Holy Land issue such a nasty tirade against the bishop of that place? He is denounced as “odious” and “pro-Palestinian.” Does the author not realize that the Christian population in the Holy Land is Palestinian? Does he not realize the suffering that Christians are undergoing as a result of the Israeli wall? He seems to be one of those who think there are good guys in the Middle East (Israel, because it is an ally of the US, and can’t be criticized) and bad guys (“Arabs” and “Palestinians”).

    Now, I know folks who go to the other extreme and only criticize Israel and never criticize terrorists (even excusing them!).

    Christians must work for peace, and must hear the cries of all that are suffering.

  3. Hello Bill,

    Thanks for taking the time to look at the site (I don’t think it has many readers, which is probably a good thing).

    I think the author has a rather simplistic view of these things. That in and of itself is his privelege; what troubles me about him is that he is on the faculty of a Catholic grammar school. (some of his posts are breathtakingly brutal in terms of his attitudes towards Palestinians. )

    Well, it is our (Catholic) problem. Up until yesterday, I had never commented on your site before; I have enjoyed it very much; given that 99.9% of all blogs are not worth reading, your site is quite extraordinary.

    I honestly don’t know what most Catholics think of Protestantism these days; I would summarize my own feelings by saying (in light of the Catholic Church’s many flaws) “thank God for Martin Luther”. I cannot even imagine what the Church would be like if he had not come along.

    Thanks again.

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