“First They Came for the Homeschoolers”

From Rod Dreher:

Homeschooling German families are fleeing their fatherland because a Nazi-era law still on the books gives the state ownership of children whose parents wish to educate them at home.

Link to article in the Guardian:

Home-schooling has been illegal in Germany since it was outlawed in 1938. Hitler wanted the Nazi state to have complete control of young minds. Today there are rare exemptions, such as for children suffering serious illnesses or psychological problems. Legal attempts through the courts – including the European Court of Human Rights – have so far failed to overturn the ban. …

About 800 families are believed to educate their children at home illegally. Stephanie Edel, who runs the Schulbildung in Familieninitiative, a German organisation that aims to support those who educate at home, said that last year some 78 home-schooled children fled Germany with their parents. ‘It is very dangerous to home-educate here,’ she said. ‘Home-educators have to learn to expect anything and have to be ready to leave overnight.’