Lauren Artress in Houston

Lauren Artress, the guru of the modern Labyrinth, was in Houston recently, this blog notes. For background on the history of this practice, see this article by Lee Penn. See also Lee’s book, False Dawn.

Herb Douglass, A Fork in the Road

I’m reading Herb Douglass’ new book, A Fork in the Road, about the 1957 publication of Questions on Doctrine and its aftermath. It’s an expanded version of the paper he presented at the 50th Anniversary QOD conference this past October (PDF, mp3). So having read his paper and having heard him give the talk, there’s…

What Is a Blog?

A blog, or “web log,” is, at its most basic, a log of visited webpages, with links to them, and perhaps some brief commentary, arranged in reverse chronological order. For an overview and a history, see the Wikipedia article. A good example (especially since it was the first) is Scripting News, by Dave Winer.  He’s…

Churches Can Host Super Bowl Parties–But Should They?

The NFL has relented–it has said churches can host free Super Bowl parties. But should they? Should a sanctuary devoted to praise and worship of God become a window for viewing a gladiatorial spectacle? What if churches instead reached out to the 2/3 of US residents who don’t watch it?

The Sources of the Qur’an

Christoph Luxenberg, The Syro-Aramaic Reading of the Koran: A Contribution to the Decoding of the Language of the Koran (German original 2000; English translation 2007). Luxenberg (a pseudonym), a philologist, proposes an interesting theory, that much of the Qur’an comes from an early Christian work. If you understand the basis of the text to be…