“The Third Jesus”?

Deepak Chopra is urging people to look for the return of “the third Jesus”–not the Jesus of history, nor the Jesus of Christian faith, but the Jesus of neo-pagan “spirituality,” the kind of Jesus who would be acceptable to liberals and to Hindus.

He’s now on a lecture tour promoting his book, The Third Jesus: The Christ We Cannot Ignore. He says, according to one who heard him, that when Jesus said he was the Son of God, he meant merely to say, “So are you.”

I looked through the book at Barnes & Noble. It is a repeat of the lies told by Satan in the Garden: You won’t die. You will be as God. You are God. Chopra says that “Christ-consciousness” is just a level of evolution toward which we’re progressing. Jesus attained it, but it won’t look the same for us. What matters is that you will have attained at unity, a unity in which the “I” and the “Thou” dissolve and there is only one, and you know that you are divine. When you attain this, you will come to know there is no conflict between good and evil. How can there be if you, who thought you were evil, are really God, who you identify as good?

He’s coming to Houston next week. Unity is hosting him. Tickets are $50 ($150 if you want to go to a reception, and then get to ask him questions)–they’re sold out.