“Intellectual Scandal”?

Liberal German scholar Gerd Ludemann bitterly attacks the recent book on Jesus by Pope Benedict XVI, calling it an “intellectual scandal”–because the pope dares to assert the divinity of Jesus, the inspiration of Scripture, and the reliability of the Gospel accounts. Ludemann is a fan of the “Jesus Seminar,” and his review has been expanded into a book, Eyes That See Not, published by Westar Institute’s press. April DeConick of Rice University suggests that Ludemann’s book be read by church adult education groups, alongside that of the pope.

3 thoughts on ““Intellectual Scandal”?

  1. She quotes Luedemann as saying “the enthusiastic response it has received even among educated people reflects the fact that the very existence of biblical criticism is widely unknown,” wow, never knew you were ignorant of biblical criticism, did you? I beleive that is possible the most arrogant quote of ’08.

  2. … and another thing. I have never bought any books published by Westar. Bonilla told me once that their authors stack their bibliographies with other Westar books. True

  3. Reminds me of the critique made by my professors at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg, that the Jesus Seminar was the easiest club to join, and that it was filled with folks who didn’t publish in the major peer-reviewed publications.

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