Call for Congressional Inquiry into Corpse Shows

A NJ Congressman has called for the US Attorney General to investigate corpse shows.

Lawmakers are calling for Congress to probe bodies shows in the wake of ABC News “20/20” report on the black market of bodies coming from China to be put on display across the United States.

“It has every mark of executions and abuse,” said Congressman Christopher Smith, R-N.J., referring to Premier Exhibition’s display of “unclaimed” bodies from China, cured in silicone and essentially turned into plastic through a process called “plastination.”

2 thoughts on “Call for Congressional Inquiry into Corpse Shows

  1. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the link. Though in regards to your comments about the Catholic Church, know that this has varied from place to place. In Europe, the Catholic Church was united in opposing von Hagens. In this country, it has varied from place to place, as I’ve blogged over the past couple of years. In some places the bishops are quite vocal in opposing these exhibits, while in other places the local authorities say nothing or even approve them.

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