Woe unto Me if I Preach not the Gospel

Back in October, 2007, a blogger posted on the Spectrum blog about questionable youth ministry tactics. He was jumping off of a New York Times article about church youth groups using the violent video game, “Halo.” That’s a rather shocking methodology for evangelism. I don’t see how it can be excused. But I don’t see…

Barry Black

The Baltimore Sun profiles Barry Black, the SDA pastor who rose in the ranks of Navy chaplains to be Chief of Chaplains, and is currently Chaplain of the US Senate.

A Platonic Church

Over at SDA to RC, Hugo asserts that the Catholic understanding of the church is platonic–it is an ideal, not realized on this earth. Thus, the church can’t be charged with any sins or errors. By definition, he says, it can do no wrong. If torture is wrong, then the church cannot have tortured. Well,…

60 Years

Suppose they gave a birthday party and no one showed up? Well, some did. But did you know the World Council of Churches has just celebrated its 60th anniversary? I didn’t.

Rob Bell on Prayer

Rob Bell’s latest NOOMA video is on-line, for 48 hours only, at Facebook. It was uploaded yesterday, so that means it is coming down about noon on Wednesday. It’s about prayer, and why it seems that God answers some, and not others. Take a look.

Castro Steps Down

After nearly fifty years, Fidel Castro has stepped down. After fifty years of American hostility and opposition, after failed CIA coup and assassination attempts and blockades and embargoes and boycotts, Fidel Castro has stepped down. He was a survivor. He outlasted Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Bush. They all hoped…

QOD Conference Materials On-line

Julius Nam has announced that the audio and written materials from October’s conference at Andrews University on the 50th anniversary of the book, Seventh-day Adventists Answer Questions on Doctrine, are now on-line. My reflections on the conference.