Catholic University of America canceled a lecture series that included E. Michael Jones, editor of Culture Wars, after a complaint from the Southern Poverty Law Center that Jones is a purveyor of antisemitism. Diogenes of Catholic World News is not convinced.

Neither is one of his readers, Gil, who says he searched for twenty minutes and found nothing.

I found the following in two minutes on Jones’ webpage.

Judge for yourself.

5 thoughts on “Antisemitism?

  1. So. You scoured the names of his articles and said to yourself, “He’s obviously writing stuff about Jews; only an antisemite would do that.”

    Good work!

  2. Normally I wouldn’t post a comment like this, but I’m going to post this one.

    I think it stands as a red flag.

    Where are we today as a society when anyone can read antisemitic rants and not be shocked?

  3. Yep. Guilty until proven innocent. You haven’t read any of his dozen or so books that have nothing whatever to do with Jews, much less the articles you cite. But I guess saying the word “Jew” is a conviction in itself.

  4. His writings about other subjects are irrelevant.

    He does far more than use the word, Jew, as you well know. He lives in a world in which he sees Jews as being behind every conspiracy for world domination. But then you know this.

  5. I have read some of E. Michael Jones books and many of his articles in his Fidelity publication. I would like to hear more about this this discussion regarding him being identified as an antisemite. Are you still out there Bill? I appreciate your viewpoint. I am not sure I would agree with it, but I will start by reading the articles you identified above. I will revisit this site to see if you respond.

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