Begging Time

I don’t often rattle the tin cup (and so far, I’ve only gotten a total of about $60 from doing so), but I’m going to do so again. If you are a regular reader of this blog, and would like it to continue, consider making a contribution. I’ve purchased a $500 Compaq laptop, despite the…

Religious Liberty in the Workplace

The ACLU, purportedly a “civil liberties” organization, has found a civil liberty it isn’t in favor of–religious liberty. It is opposing the Workplace Religious Freedom Act on the grounds that if you let some people have religious freedom, other people might be affected. The ACLU wants to restrict your freedom to what you wear and…

IGNITION countdown

Tomorrow I’ll be going to Dallas for IGNITION, the SDA North American Division Youth and Young Adult Summit. I will be blogging with some others here.

Scalia Defends Torture

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia says that in a “ticking time bomb scenario” (a premise at which which the interviewer scoffs) “it would be absurd to say that you can’t stick something under the fingernails, smack them in the face.” Is it obvious that what can’t be done for punishment can’t be done to exact…

Out of Control Cops

Cop in Baltimore loses his cool and gets violent with skateboarder. Fortunately, Baltimore PD has suspended him and admits his behavior is inappropriate.