Starting a Young Adult Ministry

Here are some basic thoughts on starting ministry with young adults in your church.

How do you start a young adult ministry?

  • Get a small core team of committed people
  • Get the support of someone on staff
  • Have an initial social event with food to get an idea of what people are interested in
  • Build around a regular, consistent event
  • Seek a balance of spiritual, social, and service activities
  • Plug into city-wide events.
  • Don’t get discouraged!


  • Everyone complains it is hard to get “pulpit time” for oral announcements at church.
  • Young adults don’t tend to read the bulletin, even when you are able to get something in it.
  • Many groups agree that personal invitations are the best, and that e-mail lists and webpages are useful.

What are people doing that works?

  • S3—A combination of spiritual, social, and service activities
  • Bible studies or other small groups (whether Sabbath School or in the home)
  • Potluck after church
  • Volunteering
  • Sports