Waning Interest in “Bodies”?

In Framingham, Massachusetts, the corpse show, “Bodies … The Exhibition,” has closed a month early because of lack of attendance.

Meanwhile, in California, legislative action is afoot to start to put some restrictions on these exhibits, led by a San Francisco Democrat who likens them to “grave-robbing.” The legislation will require the exhibitors to prove that the individuals gave consent. That’s going to be hard, since China is a main supplier.

Arnie Geller, the chairman of Atlanta-based Premier, said he is confident he can convince the Legislature that the identities of the bodies in his shows — called “Bodies Revealed,” “Our Body: The Universe Within” and “Bodies: The Exhibition” — are known to Chinese authorities.

Sure they are. Known as prisoners. Dissidents.

Spokeswoman Georgina Gomez said Body Worlds displays its bodies only at established museums and does not use bodies from China.

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