ELCA and Sexuality

The ELCA will be releasing its first draft of a statement on sexuality a couple of days before Holy Week, Pr. Zip announces. Why before Holy Week? A friend of his wrote to the powers that be to suggest they put it off a couple weeks, but was told, “the timeline that we have is the one that we will be using.” This is the culmination of a process that’s been going on since I was in seminary in the late 1980s. They produced a study in 1991 that was to lead to a “social statement,” which suggested the Law of God had nothing to say on the subject to us today, nor does the New Testament–we must be guided by the “radical imperative” of Jesus’ message. Thus, it suggested, the church needs to rethink its position on ordination of sexually active homosexuals and blessings of homosexual couples. The bureaucracy of Higgins Road lost that first round, but has kept chipping away at the opposition year after year, churchwide assembly after churchwide assembly.