Let There Be Light

Many Christians commemorate February 2 as the Presentation of Our Lord–the day the baby Jesus was presented at the temple in Jerusalem. Germanic traditions suggested you could predict the weather by observing whether a groundhog saw its shadow or not (hence, Groundhog Day). It was the day candles were blessed for the year, and so…


Anglican Journal mentions the passing of a Catholic priest, who prayed the rosary 15-20 times a day for world peace. Then comes this: More evangelical Protestants, however, such as Baptists, Seventh-day Adventists and churches such as the Assemblies of God, do not use the rosary and may discourage their members from using this method of…

China and RU-486

A pharmaceutical company owned by the Chinese government is the sole supplier of the abortion pill, RU-486, to the US. Seems they also are responsible for tainted cancer drugs that harmed 200 patients.

After Five Years

Today is the fifth anniversary of the day the Space Shuttle Columbia fell out of the Texas sky. Had I remembered to go outside early that day, I would have seen it. We had seen the shuttle twice before as it flew that path over Texas–about 30 degrees above the northern horizon. Its plasma trail…

“The Bishops’ Potemkin Village”

Russell Shaw, a onetime communications director for the US Catholic Bishops, looks at the upcoming visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the US, and wonders “if there’s a way of giving Pope Benedict an honest picture of the real state of American Catholicism behind the ecclesiastical Potemkin Village fa├žade that will be on display.”

ELCA and Sexuality

The ELCA will be releasing its first draft of a statement on sexuality a couple of days before Holy Week, Pr. Zip announces. Why before Holy Week? A friend of his wrote to the powers that be to suggest they put it off a couple weeks, but was told, “the timeline that we have is…

Architecture Changing Hands

New York Times article on synagogues that are now churches, having traded hands as different waves of immigration changed the religious makeup of neighborhoods–and efforts to preserve these glimpses into the city’s history.